We all love to shoot outdoors in the summer and enjoy the sun, when it’s not being habitually shy. But sometimes setting up the range can be a real chore.

We’ve always relied on sack carts and a fair amount of sweat to move our bosses up the field from the containers and back. But after a bit of rain this is like trying to push a supermarket trolley through a swamp!

Now, our Field Captain (Steve) has often longed for a better solution, from trailers to a small tractor or quad-bike. Unfortunately, a teleporter was somewhat out of the reaches of our budget and current science.

So one day in early spring (or several days),  Steve had a burst of creative energy and took the trolley by the… uh… handles and built this amazing piece of engineering from scratch that we can only refer to as ‘The Beast!’

It’a a big hats-off to our good Field Captain for his work here. He’s made life much easier for all our members, and saved his own back too.

We salute and thank you Steve!


Steve likes to keep his tools at hand. So here we see the built-in hammer, target pins and even a slot at the end to put our ground stakes.



Oh, they do make it look like hard work. A starved squirrel could pull that!



Admittedly, our Tournaments Officer weighs no more than one of those foam bosses.